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"Accepted in the Beloved" by Dr. Bob DeWitt is the story of a ten-year old boy who finds himself alone and struggling for survival in the harsh street world of New York City. He doesn’t remember what it’s like to have a family and he’s never met his Dad. The fictional drama parallels the biblical truth of the Gospel of Christ and reminds us all that many times when our physical family lets us down our spiritual family lifts us up, that God is a Father and loves us unconditionally... no matter what. Written to help troubled teens everywhere to realize where they can get real help that they need, "Accepted in the Beloved" is a short story that you won’t be able to put down.

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"Heaven: How to be 100% Sure" written by Dr. Joe Miller is a thorough, yet simple, discussion giving four simple keys in going to Heaven. Is it really a place? What is it like there? How can Person really know? Does the Bible really tell us how we can know for sure? Did God really make it attainable for anyone? Are there some who will make it and and some who will not? Find your own peace of mind and then share it with a friend.

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"How to Know for Sure - 100% - You’re Going to Heaven - in Four Easy Steps!" written by Dr. Joe Miller is one of the most well-written gospel tracts we have ever seen. Well oultlined on America’s best quality paper, this tract hardly ever gets throne down. East to read and east to understand, it served as a salvation tract, a follow-up tractm abd a record of a pesons decision to follow Christ. All of Brother Miller’s tracts use the KJV Bible exclusively.

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Solid Rock Youth Ministries has struck a partnership with Lifeway Baptist Publications of Ellettsville, Indiana.  We asked them to include a letter from us in a recent mailing.  In that letter we asked church youth groups to send us their used "Glows" so that we could give them, free of charge, to young people in detention centers.  From Florida to Point Hope, Alaska teenagers and youth directors are excited that they can have a part in reaching more teenagers for Christ.  If you receive "Glow in the Dark" devotionals regularly, consider saving your used booklets and sending them to us.

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Effectually Indentifying
The Devil’s Music
By Eric S. Costantino

God does not concern Himself with the world’s fleeting terminology, lingo, jargon, and street-talk in regards to the variety of existing genres and sub-genres of music.  The devil’s music is always changing forms.  Nevertheless, this book comprises the principles of the Word of God that never change.  These principles are effectual when discerning good and bad music, regardless of the era.

The unfortunate case today is that many Christians are not aware of Biblical principles concerning music.  Sadly, people weigh their music within the unequal balance of today’s society and its ever-changing morals; or with another seemingly less sinful genre, and in accordance to their own weak and broken conscience.

The book also attentively points out the various corrupted aspects in much of today’s alleged Christian music, and it reveals the power and deception behind the epidemic that is plaguing America’s young people.  This book uncovers the biblical truth of what constitutes pure praise and worhsip songs.

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Revive Us Again is a Chronological Anthology
of American Gospel Hymnody, containing 366 of the most familiar gospel hymns and most well known sacred songs, arranged in the order they became available in American hymnbooks.  Each entry comes from comparing hundreds of hymnbooks to select the hymns most common to all.  Behind each of these grand old hymns of the faith are
specifically talented people, the Lord has placed in the right place at the right time!

Revive Us Again, The Chronological Anthology of American Gospel Hymnody is not just a chronological hymnbook!  It is also a hymn-story book with the hymn the same size as in the hymnbook (or larger) with pictures of the writers (where available) and the story about or behind the hymn.

Revive Us Again, The Chronological Anthology of American Gospel Hymnody, will be a valuable addition to every true, Bible-believing, Englishspeaking American’s daily worship and could be a real help in worship and revival services, Christian School and College classes, and Chapel services.  These 366 numbers are the ones that have passed the test of time!

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Coming Very Soon!

Twenty-three real life testimonies of real teens

Written for teens by teens

Edited by
Evangelist Bob DeWitt

"This just may be the greatest
witnessing tool to win lost teens
and help church teens I’ve ever seen."

Copies can be obtained by calling
Solid Rock Youth Ministries, Inc.
Toll-Free: 877-332-7333

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