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Dr. Bob DeWitt
Odessa, NY
I have a problem with controlling my thoughts.

Who's writing on your blackboard?

I have a saying: “You wrote on my blackboard.”  I’m talking about music mainly.  I can be walking through a department store and hear a song that I’m somewhat familiar with and, later that day, I’ll find myself whistling that same tune.  Likewise, while traveling, as we drive down the highway, I’ll often whistle or sing.  Sometimes, I know, it drives my associate nuts.  But sometime later, well after I’ve quit whistling or singing, my associate will begin humming that same tune.  We’ll laugh and I’ll say, “Gotcha!”  And he’ll say, “You wrote on my blackboard!”


It’s funny how that works.  But our minds are, at least mine is, like a blackboard.  That song, the one I’ve heard most recently, will be inscribed on my mind until I hear another that erases it by writing something new.  God wants to give us a new song as well.  The Psalmist David said, “He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God.”  God help us to listen to and fill our minds with the right kind of music.


But is our mind really, in actuality, like a blackboard?  What is written on a blackboard can be erased.  Things written on our minds may stay there for a lifetime.  Did you ever wonder why clean jokes are hard to remember and dirty jokes are hard to forget?  Have you ever looked at a dirty picture and then couldn’t get it out of your mind?  God can use our memory as a blessing to us.  But many times, Satan uses it as a curse.  That’s why some Christians have said, “I wish I could forget the things I did before I got saved.”  Disobedience, and even spare-of-the-moment choices, can leave scars no eraser can take away and no ointment can heal.


God said about his people, “I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts…” (Heb. 8:10).  He has given us the ability to choose what is written upon our mind.  We can allow Satan to fill our minds with worldly influences and evil or we can choose to let God write His truth on our hearts.   Who’s writing on your blackboard?


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